The aim of this blog is to raise awareness of the dangerous complications of polypropylene mesh medical devices. This is a massive Global scandal, but the big pharmaceutical companies have the money, power and influence to keep lying to the public about these dangerous and untested medical devices. The global community of mesh support groups has come together to fight this battle. Polypropylene mesh medical devices are used to treat stress urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, and hernia repairs. The complications are grave, progressive and deadly.
I had a vaginal mesh repair to treat stress urinary incontinence in 2009. I have two children, both natural births, and I was leaking from my bladder every time I coughed, sneezed or exercised (especially running). This is a very common complaint for women who have had children, and it is a symptom that many women find difficult to open up about. The shame and embarrassment of not being able to control our bladders is felt deeply.
Like thousands of other unsuspecting patients, I trusted the expertise of my doctors and believed that this new ‘gold standard’ treatment, a simple 20 minute day procedure, would transform my life. I would be able to get it fixed, and no one would know I had ever had a problem with incontinence, except my husband, children and a few close friends. The transformation to my health was instant and it was not for the better. Living with mesh complications is a challenge every day. It destroys everything from our bodies, our careers, our ability to care for our children, to our relationships with our partners.
We are victims, but we are also warriors and survivors. We have done our research, and we are sharing our stories to raise awareness about this scandal, and to fight the regulators and pharmaceutical companies who have knowingly allowed this to happen to us.