Creative Resistance – Mesh Activism Gets Creative.



Polypropylene Mesh Medical Device


I have been working on some art work in the last few months. I decided to work with polypropylene rope, which is the same material used to make mesh medical devices. This is the same plastic that is polluting our oceans and destroying marine life. Just think for a moment how you would feel if you found out you had been implanted with this toxic plastic. If I had known in 2009, I would never have consented to having this surgery. It has ruined my health and the toxic effects cause progressive health complications with every month that passes. Please be aware that these mesh devices were never tested in clinical trials. We patients have been used as guinea pigs without our knowledge. Mesh maims. Mesh kills. #SayNoToPlasticMesh


mesh kit
Polypropylene mesh kit is inserted blindly into the groin using these trocar needles.


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